Monday, October 2, 2017

Have you ever had a Brazilian

meal? What?

Anyway, over the Labour day weekend, My friends and I went to Toronto for a Depeche Mode concert. One of the nights we went to a Brazilian restaurant. For those of you who haven't experienced this, you pay a flat fee, get access to a small buffet of side dishes and then comes the meat. Waiters came around over and over with meats on long skewers that they slice off as needed. And oh man, is it needed. There was shrimp, chicken, salmon, lamb, beef pork, steak wrapped in bacon, steak flavoured in a million ways and did I mention steak? At the end of the meal, I was in a food coma akin to the one you get at Thanksgiving. It was insane. And speaking of insane, I forgot to mention the floor show with scantily clad dancers and acrobats on silks. In a restaurant. Where people are eating. I shit you not.

But all that food insanity gave me pause. What if you had the same concept but for desserts? You sit in your seats as dessert carts came by. Over and over and over. What's not to like? You'd have small, tasting sized portions of everything that is available that day. Everything from cake to pie, trifle to Eton mess. A great British Bake Off dream. The only thing off the table is the dancing girls. I mean really...


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