Sunday, May 7, 2017

Am I right to be miffed?

Again, I'm new at this dog stuff so maybe this is something that happens regularly but it left me cold.

I was at a dog cafe with Wesley and Audrey and having a nice time. Wesley was being super good and I thought I'd give him a treat. I bought him a pig's ear (something he normally loves) and handed it to him. He took it out of my hand but promptly dropped it on the floor... there was so much cool stuff to smell and see and do, he just wasn't interested in it. No problem. As I reached down to grab it, a dachshund took it, ran to its owner, and started gnawing on it. I looked over at the owner and she smiled at me, saying that "he never liked those before" and went on talking to her friends. I kinda thought she'd take it away from him and return it but fine. They're only $2.

But then as I was leaving, she was at the cash buying a bunch of them for her dog (looked like about 6). She turned to me and said "thanks for the ear!". And that was it.

Huh. I kinda thought she'd hand me one to replace mine. But maybe it's a dog treat thing I don't know about. Am I right to be miffed?


Trying to get the attention of the dachshund's mum

Look at that pig's earless face

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