Monday, July 11, 2016

A Day in a Life

Once again, I set a phone alarm to go off every hour but clearly the urge to get uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep won out a few times. This was Friday June 24th and you are going to see what a firecracker of a life I lead. Strap in...

Here I am at 11pm, playing a Candy Crush knockoff I can't even remember the name of.

At midnight decided I just *had* to pack for a dragonboat festival. It isn't for another 24 hours but I love make-work projects

1am festivities

Clearly not 2am judging from the sun streaming in. Obviously I missed a few alarms. I'm guessing around 6?


8am... so boring

Finally stirring at 9. I love summer!

Is it 10am? Must be time for a pedicure. One blue foot and one orange foot is my lucky look for dragonboat festivals

11am: Having breakfast and looking out the window with Wesley

Noon grocery shopping jaunt

1pm at the pharmacy

2pm: Still wandering

3pm on the way home with a loaded car

4pm: Groceries away and relaxing with the man of the house

5pm: Decided to bring Rosie out to play

6pm emergency! Audrey came to me practically in tears saying her epipen wouldn't fit in the purse we got her for grad Sunday. We zoomed to the Mall and got this in the first place we looked

7pm: Just making sure I have everything for tomorrow's festival

At 7:30 I asked Audrey to come unload the dishwasher. At 8pm I asked again. Louder.

9pm: I like having my grocery bags in the car so that I don't forget them when I get to the store. They make you pay $.05 for them now and I'm a cheapskate

10pm: Time to make dinner for tomorrow. I won't be home (or in any condition) to cook after paddling all day. Chili is on the menu

11pm: Emergency! Audrey needs advice on eye makeup techniques for prom. Don't worry! Mum to the rescue! I'm thinking darker in the contours...

12am: Multitasking 

1am: Scott and I watch Coronation Street on PVR. Oh Michelle... Why did you have to make out with Will? Steve is *pissed*! 

2am: Definitely loving summer hours. The cat hangs out with me until I fall asleep.

 Wow. Looking back on that, it was a pretty boring day. But you know what? I'd rather have a boring life sometimes than a roller coaster of an existence that you never get a break from. On second consideration, I loved my day and all the "boring" days like it.


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