Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last one...

American Sniper

Bradley Cooper is
So very hot. And I think
There's war on too.

I liked it but again, It's no Whiplash. Can you tell that Whiplash was my absolute favourite? So here is my personal ranking, keeping in mind that I thought all this year's choices were really enjoyable and I was happy to have seen them all rather than most years being an absolute grump about 80% of the movies and actually hating at least 1 of them.

1. Whiplash
2. Grand Budapest Hotel
3. The Imitation Game
4. The Theory of Everything
5. Birdman
6. American Sniper
7. Boyhood
8. Selma

Whiplash has a 0% chance of winning. I think they'll choose Boyhood because of the stunt of the 12 year filming thing. Or Birdman because it's an indie and all insider about the industry. I won't agree. Please. When Whiplash comes to Netflix, watch it. You won't be sorry.

So, I have the apps all ready in the freezer, There's champagne in the fridge, my Skype connection is ready with my Oscar buddy Kathy in the UK, my Oscar ballot is marked, my bingo cards are printed, my clothes are picked out for tomorrow (so I'm not interrupted)... I'm Oscar ready, baby. Bring on the awards!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today's haiku

is about Birdman

Michael Keaton plays an actor who was in a superhero franchise then gave it up to act in the theatre in a play he wrote and directed as well. He's dealing with a daughter, an ex-wife and being unsure that this play was a good career move. We liked it. It was weird, though. I was left wondering a lot if he was hallucinating or was this whole movie in a fantasy world. Loopy.

Batman plays Birdman
An actor trying new things
Why is he floating?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Haiku for Boyhood

Okay. I liked this movie, but it seemed to never end. I'm glad we saw it at home because I would have for sure had a lovely restful sleep in the theatre. As we were at home, we spelled ourselves with several breaks and snacks. I'm not sure why the critics are falling over themselves over it. Nothing happens. I mean nothing.

It told a lovely story about a boy (actually more like the whole family) throughout 12 years of his life. I think it was a stunt but whatever. It was supposed to focus on the boy but I loved Patricia Arquette's character and the girl who played the main character's sister (who happened to be the director's daughter). Lovely and natural.

So here's the haiku...

Took 12 years to film
Felt like 12 years to get through
Please go see Whiplash


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My next masterpiece


Watched Selma today
Liked it but Whiplash still is
All we talk about

Scott and I can't seem to let Whiplash go. Selma was good. It was about Martin Luther King Jr. and about how he used Selma as a spark point to get Black people the freedom to vote without interference in the southern US. I liked it but anyone can Google the story and seeing Oprah every so often was so distracting. I kept wanting to say; "Hey look, there's Oprah!' every time she showed up. Not the best choice for her as producer.

So like I said, in the car on the way home we started to talk about the movie but once we brought up Whiplash as comparison, it was over, We talked about it all the way home. That move really stuck with us.

Our rankings so far (and remember I still really like all these movies):
1. Whiplash
2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
3. The Theory of Everything
4. Selma