Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photo Dump!

Audrey and I went out for coffee (okay, tea) after a rigorous day of shopping. It's a hard knock life.

This made me laugh. You know the old saying: "If you can't laugh at Costco you go on a shooting spree" or something to that effect? Anyway, this man's cart was full of women's bladder control underwear. I had to take a picture.

Just trying to make Audrey laugh at school.

Putting a little english on my bowling ball. I did really well that day on only my second time ever.

Saw this at the store and thought Henry would be interested. He wasn't.

My Pi Day apple pie. You can barely see it, but there's a pi symbol on the top. Funny story... I had to google what it looked like.

Scott brought these home for me for no reason at all. I think I'll keep him.

The man himself and me at the hockey arena my second time singing the national anthem with my ukulele group. Sidenote: we were awesome.

Here we are on the way to the ice. Note the cheat sheets on the backs of the people in the front. Hee.

First day of Spring. I have two letters for that day. F and U.

Took this one today to remind me of whose report cards I'm doing. It's a third of kids in my class.
So that's the photos I've taken since the last photo dump. One little vent before I go...

I hate the time change. Not for the reasons that everyone gives, just for the fact that when I feel the need to start cooking supper, It's already 6pm. We haven't eaten dinner before 6:45 since the day we moved the clocks back. Can we stop this now?

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