Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Nothing that a fitful 5 hour "sleep" can't cure. Okay, I kid. But I do feel better after the public whine I had in yesterday's post. On to bigger and better things.

Tree is still up and naked, but I'm recruiting the kids to do it all. And not "let them put it up and change it to the way I want it later" but actually let them do it completely. I'm letting it go. I've got to remember I've got a houseful of practically adults who can help with things. And usually they're willing. And frankly, who cares if they aren't.

I was planning on a nice long informational post today, but you know what? I have no time. And I'm not going to stress about it. I'm off to make tonight's dinner (macaroni and cheese) and a cake for Friday. Fortunately, the dinner is actually to be consumed by the family... unfortunately the cake is not. Yup, still cooking for other people. This year has been bad for that. Remember the days when people had parties and did all the cooking themselves?





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