Monday, August 31, 2009

"Ya get ketch!"

Today's title is something my dad often says in his patois infused english. It means "you got caught". And I did. I was busted in that last week I knew I would be too busy to post, wrote every NFB post last weekend and post dated them to come out each day last week. I'm going to be honest with you: I hardly even had time to check back here. And I was right to do it. The kids and I had an amazing time on my last week off.

Among other places we went to a Reptile Zoo, a place that's all mazes, the national art gallery and the "Ex" which used to be a farm/4H exhibition but has since evolved into an orgy of musical acts, rides, midway and crappy carnival foods plus a couple of animals and pie judging for some old-timey mystique. We had a ball and it was really fun to get back to enjoying the kids again instead of feeling like they're 3 little beings that I constantly nag in a seemingly neverending loop. I'm basking in the afterglow. I love them. I really love them.

So today my blog will return to it's freshly minted goodness. Well, not 100% fresh since I wrote this Friday, and frankly, good is relative. But you get what you get. You know you still love me.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Truly Canadian

If you are Canadian this next one rings true. Especially if (like me) you are a Montreal Canadiens fan, born and raised in Montréal.

Allons-y: The Sweater


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Log Driver's Waltz

It's not my kind of tune but the words and animation are so charming I can't resist. This is called The Log Driver's Waltz


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another jewel

This little gem is about blackflies. Even this city girl has had to deal with them. There was an incident at a picnic where an infant Elliott had a dribble of blood running down his forehead from a blackfly bite and it solidified right then how much I hated the "great" outdoors.

Anyhow, here's the only thing I like about blackflies. They inspired this cute little ditty.


Monday, August 24, 2009

The National Film Board

We in Canada grow up looking down on ourselves a bit. Mostly because we live in the shadow of the States. People assume we're American because of how we look and sound but our entertainment and popular culture is just shy of being as cool and revered by the world and sometimes even ourselves. Except for the National Film Board. They are cool. They've won over 69 Oscars and their animation is second to none.

So this week I'd like to share with you my 5 favourite NFB animated shorts. Today, check out "The Big Snit". I'm posting the link from the NFB website and not YouTube copies. They're much clearer from the site itself. Enjoy and have a great week.


Friday, August 21, 2009

My Bucket List

This whole neck-crick, backache, incessant cough thing has me thinking. What 5 things would I like to do before I die? Yes, I know I'm being over-dramatic but at my age, you can indulge me, can't you?
  1. I'd like to own a pair of Louboutins. It's shallow but true
  2. Take the family on a plane trip. Somewhere far away like Australia or Hawaii
  3. Own a dessert shop/bakery
  4. Have a maid
  5. Pick up sign language again.
Wow, that was pretty boring. But you know what? I think that must mean I have a happy and fulfilled life. Or maybe that I'm obsessed with Louboutins and hate cleaning my own toilet but that you already knew.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

What the heck?

My back is back to 75% normal which is a shock to me after the way it felt on Monday. Yesterday I skipped my beloved dragonboat practice (proving I was truly in pain) but today I was able to go to the pool with the kids and actually swim for an hour. Unfortunately I'm still coughing so hard I feel like I'm going to revisit my last meal. Nothing seems to work on it but to be honest, between the back and the cough, I'll take the cough anyday. I have no other symptoms but this nagging, persistent cough so I'm mystified about how to deal with it.

So that was the summary of yesterday. Watch this space for updates on the rest of the holiday. Judging from the first 3 days, it should be entertaining. To you anyway...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

iTunes blues

I love iTunes. Unfortunately I shop at the store daily, convinced that my one little $.99 purchase isn't going to break the bank. Then I realise that's my 6th this week and when added up to my around 6 every week for months, it actually IS going to break the bank. It's like being pecked to death. But I do download everything that's free. Why wouldn't I?

When I listen to the radio, I often listen to a station called "BobFM". They play songs from "80's, 90's and whenever". I have to say I love that station. Why wouldn't I? They're entire playlist is on my nano. So why is it that I can listen to the radio all day but my iTunes playlist bores me after an hour? And it's not a headphones issue. It happens when I play the songs from my computer. What's up with that?

I hand-picked the songs, I bought the cds, spent a bomb at the iTunes store and lovingly put them all on my machine, sorted into various playlists (my favourites are "ad tunes" where all the songs are from tv commercials, songs I discovered from So You Think You Can Dance and one called "GASP!" for run training). So why does my own music make me crazy? It's a question for the ages.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm sick on my effing holiday!

Thanks, Baby Jesus.

I swear the cosmos has it out for me. Since I turned 42, I've been more sore, achy and creaky than in my previous 41 years. On my birthday I woke up with a crick in my neck. The next day I had a sore back that persisted for days. Then yesterday happened.

I was doing the laundry, innocently pondering the random cough I have. I have no other symptoms but a dry hacking cough that is starting to make a curious sound way down deep. Of course what happens when you think about coughing? You cough. I then indulged in the most deep cleansing hacks you've ever heard. So deep, in fact, that I threw out my back. You heard. On the effing first day of my holidays.

As I've previously stated, my children are cruel taskmasters. Lucky for me, yesterday there was nothing on their schedule but laundry and playdates. I crawled up from the laundryroom, walked hunchbacked over to the bathroom and swallowed one of my honey's anti-inflammatories and 2 Tylenols. Then I beat feet (okay, shuffled Tim Conway style... yes, I'm old, I get it) to the couch where I made a little command centre outfitted with computer, phone, pillows, remotes and snacks. And there I sat until bedtime.

If Baby Jesus has any mercy in his tiny Pampers, he'd heal my aching back in the next few hours so I can make my cruel taskmasters happy later. It's movie day today.


Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm off!

I love my job, I really truly do but the allure of 2 weeks of sleeping until 8 and reading in bed until 10am is just too delicious. I can still do a great deal of my job from home so I will put in a few hours (I told you guys I enjoy it), but most of my time off will be spent enjoying my kids as only a working mother who sees them a few hours a day can.

They are actually cruel taskmasters who have demanded quite a bit from my time off. The car is getting a badly needed tune-up so the first few days we'll have to amuse ourselves with activities close to home. Luckily we live in an area within walking distance to a public pool, beach, movie theatre and mall. Next week it'll be fun little day trips to the reptile zoo, museum and hedge maze. We may even go apple picking at my sister-on-law's orchard. It's not open for business yet but I have it in with the owner.

So that's my plan. Lots of R&R. I hope the kids enjoy themselves. I know I will. Blogs will be coming in between 6 & 7am as usual since I write them at more reasonable times of the day and "post date" them. Have a great week, everyone.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Word weirdness

These words make me nuts I hate that they sound opposite but mean the same thing.

I could care less/ I couldn't care less
Hm. I hear both but the second one sounds way more insulting. "I could care less" sounds almost like a dare, doesn't it?

disgruntled/ "gruntled"(?)
Okay. If the person in the cubicle on one side of you is in a pissy mood (disgruntled) and the one on the other side of you is in a good mood, wouldn't that make him/her "gruntled"? It sounds like it should be the opposite, no? I'm not sure it's a word but I'd sure like it to be. Imagine the exchange:

Co-worker: Hey! How are you Karen?
Karen: Gruntled! And you?
Co-worker: Gruntlier!

Come on... I love it. Use it once today and tell me in the comments how it went over.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thank you everyone!

I just wanted to extend a really warm thank-you to everyone who sent me a birthday wish. Honestly, my inbox has been clogged for 2 days with people showing me the love. It only took seconds to write something as creative as "Happy Birthday (insert various numbers of exclamation points here)" but I really felt loved. So Thank You.

My family knows me so well. I got a Star Trek DVD, a crossword game and the best... a USB record player. It'll play all my LPs and 45s and turn them into iTunes mp3s so I can put them on my iPod. The idea of having to buy mp3s that I already had on vinyl drove me bananas. But that isn't to say that I didn't do it. I re-bought all my Smiths, Big Country and Violent Femmes stuff. But now I don't have to buy the B52s, Cure, Depeche Mode and Cult stuff I've been itching for.

At work I got not one, but 2 cakes, a song, and a card that everyone signed. They're really getting to know me at this job... a lot of the comments in the card were totally me. It's definitely a keeper.

My friend Kathy was so awesome. She lives abroad and sent me a wonderful bunch of links related to August 10th. It was very thoughtful and I enjoyed it more than she probably thinks I did. My favourites were learning that my special day is the 222nd one of the year (except for leap years) and that I share a birthday with Daniel Hugh-Kelly (only she and I and his mother know who he is... 3 words: "Hardcastle and McCormick").

Anyhow, thanks again for the love, people. You rock me down to my socks.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better late than never? Not so much.

If I'm going to be late for an appointment, I'll call wherever it is I'm going as soon as I realise I'm not going to make it for the agreed-upon time. Makes sense, right?

Calling on the phone 5 minutes after our set time to say I'm running late is asinine. Um, even my phone call is late.

I'm just saying.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is MY birthday

And while it is too early to let you know what booty I raked in from the family, I can tell you that a drinks/movie night that I tried to set up for Saturday was woefully under-attended. I had a good time nonetheless. Always do. But despite the small crowd, I had an awesome time with the girls that did come and the movie was cute. The Bellinis, however, were stellar. I'll just chalk up the low attendance to short notice and not to the sad fact that I sometimes feel like even though I have over 250 virtual "friends", I have no real friends. Nope, I'm not going there.

Okay, so I'm feeling maudlin on my special day. Hm. Time for a song. Here's another tune I prefer to the regular birthday dirge usually sung when the cake comes out.

Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lovey!

Today is my Honey's birthday. Here are 47 interesting things about the man I married. Why 47, you ask? Dunno, just a random number. Wink.

I'm aware that 47 things are a lot to get through if you don't know him but this is my blog so tough.

1. He loves me and the kids
2. He fixes stuff around the house. And I mean almost everything from the roof down to the basement floor and everything in between
3. He makes a mean pie crust
4. He's got 11 toes (I said these were interesting, not that I liked them)
5. He's got a terrific family (I mean sisters and brothers... not us. Well us too but... oh nevermind)
6. He makes me laugh every day
7. He puts up with my constant stream of shit and abuse
8. He pays the bills and only yells a little when I spend too much
9. He's got 2 motorcycles and looks really hot in his blue jacket
10. He lets me drive the car while he takes the bus
11. His eyes twinkle
12. He's good at math
13. He lets me have control of the tv in the livingroom
14. He gives good hugs
15. He's really handy with computers
16. He's got lots of cool scar/accident stories
17. His birthday is 3 days before mine
18. He plays hockey and never gets tired of telling me that he can keep up with the 20 year olds
19. He hates tattoos but doesn't moan (too much) whenever I show up with a new one
20. He likes my hair even though it's 1/8" long
21. He likes Star Trek
22. He got me into Coronation Street
23. Wow, 47 is a lot
24. Just checking to see if you're still reading
25. He likes my cooking
26. His eyebrows sometimes look like vine tendrils (again, interesting, not like)
27. Five words: Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
28. He can't set the timer on the PVR
29. He's got a fake front tooth
30. He pinches and squeezes the people he loves (excellent Grandpa potential)
31. He's a Monty Python fan
32. He's a chubby chaser... well, he chases me around, anyway
33. He's photogenic
34. He's got a feminine-strength sweet tooth
35. He sneezes in the sunshine or bright lights
36. He almost completely quit smoking!
37. He gets restless legs
38. He's got a nearly completely inactive Facebook page
39. When I sneak down and try to catch him doing something unseemly on the computer in his office, he's always either watching airplane footage, checking real estate, playing flight sim, scanning eBay or on some classic motorcycle site.
40. I'll always be older than me. HA.
41. He never reads my blog
42. He's easily irritated by technology
43. He prefers books about true stories
44. He's awesome... seriously, he is very well liked
45. He has an easy smile and a great laugh
46. He married me (what's not to like about that?)
47. He's a happy man (at least he's putting on a great show)

So happy birthday to the best man I know. It sounds trite but I'm serious. I think he's pretty great.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have no words.

Okay, a few. First, the name: Wonder Boner. Seriously? How did this get by, well, everybody? Second: the guy with the wife who's going to love it? Um, my mind boggles with all the places I can go with that one. I don't even know where to start.

Just watch it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is this wrong?

Saturday I completed a triathlon. About 10 minutes into the thing I realised I had undertrained and was willing it to be over. By the time I hauled my sorry carcass over the finish line I was exhausted but extremely proud and happy that I was able to complete the three events without an infarction of any kind.

When I stumbled and wheezed across the finish line 90 minutes later, I was grateful for the young boy that removed my timing chip (there was no way I could have done it myself). And the lovely girl that threw a "finisher" medal around my neck. I was so proud I wore it all the way home. When I went grocery shopping later that day I stuck it in my purse and brought it around with me. In fact, it's still there right now.

My hubby has a problem with this. He says it's vain and arrogant. I say it's not like I'm wearing it around my neck all day. That would be obnoxious. I put in in my bag for my own enjoyment and of course if anyone asks about the race, well, out it comes. I see nothing wrong with that at all. They asked. I'm outgoing but not a complete ass to bring it out without prompting. No, honey, I would never do that. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't somehow encourage them to ask...

He says I'm teaching the kids to be smug. I don't find it the least bit big-headed. I am proud of myself, I worked hard (kinda) and I earned the right to carry it around for a while haven't I? If and when the kids do something to earn a medal, I would definitely urge them to bring it to school or for show and tell. Why not? In our meagre little lives, we deserve the odd pick-me-ups otherwise why keep trudging on and on until the sweet release of death? Besides, if I met a Stanley Cup winning hockey player, I'd want to see his ring. Am I completely off-base with this one?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How excited am I for this movie?

I discovered this book when the kids were little and it always gave me shivers. I love when the "wild rumpus start[s]". The music of the words was so gorgeous that it didn't even need pictures. And the end? It just blew my mind that the whole book took place in such a short period of time.

Anyway, the trailer looks beautiful and the music is Arcade Fire. Together, it makes it the trailer I've watched the most times in a row. I'm like a sad shut-in with this one. Join me in my madness...


Monday, August 3, 2009

If I was single... food edition

Last week I smelled something really yummy coming from the kitchen at work. One of the boys was making a fancy sandwich using whole wheat bread and what smelled like some kind of meat that he was warming in the microwave. It smelled deeeeelish.

What did I have for lunch that day? Cup-A-Soup. Sigh.

Smelling the yumminess coming from the kitchen had me distracted and thinking: What would I eat for a full day if all I had to worry about was myself? It didn't count for the 3 days that I was on my own a few weeks back since the fridge and pantry was stuffed with things everyone else likes. As is often the case with me, a not-so-closet narcissist, this is all about yours truly.

Here's my dream menu. Eaten piping hot when required and sitting down, remaining in said seat until the entire meal os over:

Bagel with peanut butter and tea. Maybe a bowl of Raisin Bran.

Bacon club sandwich on a kaiser... lots of veggies and onions and peppers. The gastronomic aesthete in me adores fancy sandwiches. The troglodyte in me loves him some bacon.

Order out pizza with anchovies... yes, I'm the one person you know who loves anchovies. I haven't eaten them in 15 years because of this family of mine
Casseroles of any kind (as long as there are no hard boiled egg in them)
Some kind of creme soup or maybe french onion
grocery store sushi
popcorn (Let's face it, I'm alone. Who's going to rat me out?)

Looking back at this list, there's not a lot of cooking here. I have to remind you all that I prefer to bake. But that said, if there's no one to bake a whole cake for, why am I going to try?

Maybe one day I should subject my family to my dream menu. Expand their horizons. There are lots of things I left out like West Indian foods I can't cook and the inevitable times I can't be bothered and eat a sleeve of saltines and a block of cheese, but most of this stuff is doable. And why haven't I been rocking those sandwiches for lunch? I'm getting on this. See, everyone gets a benefit from my blog today.