Friday, April 28, 2006

So I got a chance to gym-it today

Norah was nice enough to drive me there yet again. Thanks hon! So We get there and I had a particularly sweaty time. I ran 25 minutes on the treadmill then did what I call my "prison yard workout" which is bench press, pushups (the boy kind, thank you very much) and dumbells to work the biceps and triceps. Needless to say I was extra ummmm.... ripe.

So I get home and see a yellow notice on my doorknob. Not at all weird, Scott has an eBay account and uses it like a kid who found $5 and heads straight for the candy store. We often get packages delivered. The delivery guys sometimes put a note on the door if it requires signing for and I'm not home so I'll know to wait around the next day. As I approach I realize it's not from UPS but from the City Of Ottawa telling me that the water will be off from 9:45 to 6pm. Today. I check my watch. It's 10:30. Crap.

I read the information sheet, alternately stinking and steaming. This may be convenient for people who work out of the home but this is the meat of my day. Not to mention that I reek from head to toe and have a dragonboat meeting tonight across town at the very same time the water gets switched back on. They suggest I fill things up with water but of course that was before the 9:45 cutoff. And I wanted a shower so bad!

Well, throwing caution to the wind, I had one, dammit. And I shaved my legs. And I enjoyed every second of it. So what if I can't have a cup of tea later. So what if we all have sandwiches for dinner. You see, it's simple. In Karenworld I'm the centre of the universe and when the centre of the universe smells like BO and needs a shower, the centre of the universe gets a shower. Pointe finale.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scott and I had "the talk" last night

Apparently I'm spending too much money and we had "the talk" about what we're going to do to change it. Isn't it true that most couple's marriage problems stem from either lack of sex or lack of money? Scott and I have been married for 13 years and I'd have to say that's half true. Hee.

So anyway, now we have to start grocery shopping at that discount store where the lettuce is starting to go brown. And to add insult to injury we have to bag said brown lettuce ourselves. But hey, we've got to cut down and save up. If we're ever going to get a second car or save for our children's educations (HA), we really need to buckle down.

So what did I do to help the situation this morning? What makes me feel better when I'm down in the dumps? I went shopping. After I bought a $4 green tea latte at the Second Cup. I think I needed the shopping as a way of gaining perspective. I actually felt better about our shiny new budget after I bought the latte and the cute pair of capris from Suzy Shier. Oh, and the lip gloss from Lancome. Yes, I think we'll be okay. Especially when I find a top to match those shorts.
Hoo boy. Scott's going to fillet me.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hugh doesn't like me

And I'm truly baffled by that. I'm easy-going, cheerful, positive, energetic and not to put too fine a point on it, a pretty cool girl. Sometimes I can be too cheerful, finding the bright side of almost any situation but who would find that irritating? Oh, I know... Hugh.

We met four years ago because his daughter and Elliott were in the same Kindergarten class. We were friendly and he seemed really interesting. He knew his wines and was a photographer teaching both recreationally at night school. Neat guy. The problem arose when he asked me to do daycare for his kids. He worked out of his house and needed part-time care. I was full at the time but he seemed so nice and his kids were so awesome that I squeezed them in. Then after some communication issues (I was never sure when they were coming, inconsistent payment), I asked that he find alternate care. I gave him lots of notice and never felt anger or resentment toward him or his kids. Things just didn't work out between us as often is the case with home daycares. Just not a good fit. It happens.

Well that was the end between me and Hugh. Every time I see him now he totally freezes me out. In a comical, childish way. We'll be walking toward each other on the sidewalk, I'll give him a cheery "hello" and he'll turn his nose up at me with an obvious but unheard "hmph". Once I met his family at the grocery store and I had a nice long chat with his wife and kids while he carefully and thoroughly examined the nutrition label on a can of refried beans. Once at school pickup time in the winter I saw him there and noticed that we were wearing the same type of Russian rabbit fur hat. I commented that they were nice and warm and perfect for the cold weather. He roundly ignored me. And I was clearly addressing him. I mean, we were both wearing idiotic (but warm) hats. How weird was that?

I don't want to be but I'm thrown by him. I've never had anyone in my life so obviously and openly dislike me. I try to laugh it off and purposely speak to him whenever I can to make him uncomfortable but the truth is he makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure and disliked. It makes me wonder how many other people out there don't like me but just do a better job of hiding it than Hugh does. I suppose I can be annoyingly high-spirited and bubbly, happy, outgoing and fun. Maybe most people hate that. Do you?


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jehovah’s Witnesses are at my door

And I'm hiding. Shhhh. I hate making small talk with them while simultaneously trying to shoo them away from the front door. What can I say (in a nice way... don't forget I'm Canadian) to get them to bugger off? So I'm doing the polite thing and hiding. Don't you judge me.

I'm grumpy too. I wanted to run today but the weather was so sucky that I decided to skip it. I even ran yesterday when it was pouring rain and cool. Today wasn't as rainy but it was still wet, colder (a bit of snow, even) with a wind that was so strong I had to turn my back to it while walking the kids to school. I couldn't run in that, could I? So now I've broken my 5 day streak of cardio and Jehovah's are knocking at my door. What's there to be pissy about today? I need doughnuts.

Only 30 days to go until the race. I'm still in the "I'm-up-shit-creek" area of the Bitten-Off-More-Than-I-Can-Chew pie chart. Next goal levels: "I'm-screwed", "I'm-in-trouble" then "maybe-I-can-do-this-with-one-of-those-portable-oxygen-thingies". We'll see where I am in the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I'm meeting with my running buddy Julie. Did you actually think it was to run? Nope it's for coffees (actually teas, we both hate coffee). Predictable? Me? Never. Sigh.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Small world? Nah, it's just Ottawa

On Friday Scott and I went to Kathy's surprise 40th birthday party at the Granite Curling Club. I have known Kathy's husband Bill for 18 years and Scott has know him even longer. So we're milling around at this party, checking out all our old friends and familiar faces. I start drinking and being loud as I tend to do when reminded of my former, single, kid-free life. Then in walks a woman I've met before but not in this gang. She smiles and waves at me then starts walking over. I'm thrown by her since she's obviously out of context. Where have I seen her before? She comes over and starts talking and it dawns on me... it's Miss F, Elliott and Audrey's English teacher. She's married to Kathy's cousin. Wha? I feel like taking my vodka and cranberry and going home. Not that she's not a perfectly nice person but there's acceptable behaviour for parent/teacher interviews and acceptable behaviour for those who haven't been in the company of adults in over a week. With a bar serving cheap drinks. And let me tell you, they are not the same behaviour. I didn't even know her first name. We laugh about that and she tells me it's Jen and we promise each other that what happens at the Granite, stays at the Granite. But this happens all the time here in Ottawa. A few cases in point:

The time when I first moved here and I had the same taxi driver 2 days in a row. He was decidedly underwhelmed when I excitedly told him, literally freaking out in the backseat. Hey, it never, ever, happened in Montreal.

The time when I got my first full time daycare job. Daphne and I talked about our boyfriends (later husbands) all the time. How they loved the outdoors, were raised in the country and were a lot alike. When we finally went on a double date, Scott and John realised they used to be next door neighbours/classmates in a small town just outside Ottawa.

The time a few weeks ago when I went to a college friend's house party and saw Jo from behind the makeup counter at my pharmacy who's been selling me makeup for 5 years. Tina and Jo have known each other for years.

And on and on and on. Whenever this happens, everyone says "small world" but you know what? The world is big. Huge, even. It's Ottawa that's small. At the party we were talking about six degrees of separation. In Ottawa it's more like 3. We're like a big happy family. And that's cool. Just don't make a fool of yourself in public. It'll get back to your mum.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Queen E!

April 21, 2006 - Friday

I love England. I love everything about it. I love the accents, the driving on the wrong side of the road, the oldness of it, you name it. I've spent my favourite holidays there and my best friend Kathy lives there with her husband (and co-incidentally my British cousin) Francis. Love it.

So today our Sovereign turns 80. She's been celebrating all week with lots of pomp and pressing of the flesh. There's even a new set of stamps out with her looking so pretty. I'd give anything to meet her in person. The whole monarchy thing in general is so neat. Lots of countries in the Commonwealth think the monarchy is too old fashioned and would like to get rid of it. I say what does it hurt? It keeps us in touch with our past and our roots and there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, being in the Commonwealth gives Canadians to royally kick ass at the Commonwealth Games where we always win a bunch of medals. Ha.

So happy birthday to you, Your Highness. I hope it rocks. And if you ever need anything, you know where to find me. I'll be right over. Wow. Could you imagine?


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feeling a lot less discouraged about the 10K.

I've gotten lots of advice about the run (35 days left in case you were curious). Two nuggets have stuck in my mind. One, from my former daycare client Amanda was that if I can do 60% the run, then it's possible to complete it since the other forty percent is adrenaline and sheer will. Both of which I have in spades (no pun intended). The other from my gym buddy Jim was that there's no shame in walking part of the race. In fact, he says that there was a marathon runner who ran all the way one year then tried running 10 minutes and walking 1 minute another year and did it in pretty much the same time. THAT'S encouraging. I can do that.

So this morning at the Y I ran 25 minutes on the treadmill and walked 5 (this was before Jim's advice) and felt great. The treadmill is going to be a good place to be for a couple of weeks before I venture out on the road again. It's better for my fragile ego. After my run I worked out my arms and shoulders in preparation for my dragonboat race at the end of June. Gee, I'm a sporty one aren't I?

So now that I've exercised 3 days in a row I'm feeling very fit and sexy even though nothing much has changed. You know those commercials by Reitmans where women are going about their business and the fashion show music comes on and they start catwalking? I feel like that just walking around my house. I'm loving myself right now (as in today) and I hope it keeps going. At least until the summer's over and I can let out my gut again.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm a walking cliche.

I just borrowed a cup (a quarter cup actually) of sugar from my neighbour. How 1950's of me. I was baking rolls for dinner (another anachronism) and realized I was all out. So I went to my favourite neighbour Norah. Thanks, hon!

I love this neighbourhood. When we moved here almost 8 years ago it was populated with a lot of older people especially on my street. It was pretty lonely for me as a young stay-at-home-mum with 2 kids in diapers. I took the kids on walks but never met too many other people with kids. Then my guys started school. It's around the corner and as we walked there, parents with young children started coming out of the woodwork. Yay, playmates (for the kids, of course).

Scott and I agonized about finding the perfect house for our family. He grew up in the country. He had a house with a rope where he could swing from his back porch into the river. He wanted that for our kids. I grew up in the 'burbs. I had quick, easy access by bus and metro to La Ronde where you could spend the day on the swings and eat so much pink popcorn you'd feel like the elephant on the bag. I wanted that for my kids.

It's hard to believe we found a perfect compromise. We ended up with a great house with a huge backyard, live less than a kilometre from the river and a huge gorgeous park and can even walk to the mall or a 12 theatre cinema. Everybody's happy. Including me who can now bake with neighbour provided sugar. Of course now I have to share to booty...


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm in big trouble.

As some of you know I took up running a few years ago. I really got into it like I tend to do. I bought the gear and I actually ran. A few times a week almost all year long. I was dedicated. I ran 5K in about 30 minutes and even though it's just short of the world record pace, it was amazing for me.

After last May's 5K my good friend and running buddy Julie and I decided to sign up for 10K this year. The 5K is full of 14 year old boys and mums pushing jogging strollers. Not that there's anything wrong with that but getting beat by 14 year old boys and mums pushing jogging strollers is just embarrassing. At least when they beat my ass in the 10K, they'll have to go twice as far to do it. Nyah. So sign up I did.

Funny thing about 10K. It's twice as far as I've ever run. Ever. Once I ran 8K on the treadmill at the Y. It was because I was having a grand old chat with my friend Jim and just never paid attention to the time. And of course I've driven 10K. Plenty of times. Plenty. But run? 10K? Yikes.

To top it off I got a bike in October. I stopped running all through the Fall to bond with my shiny red bike. Then winter came and I'm totally not one of those runners. You know the ones. They run when it's -20C with frosty moustaches and beards and that's just the women. Those runners make me want to eat a box of doughnuts in front of the Family Feud. So I didn't run all winter. Then it got warmer but just not warm enough to put on that running gear. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

So fast forward to today. It was 7C and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect running weather. I had my new runners and no more excuses. So off I went with my trusty pedometer attached to my waist. Surely I could go at least 5K. So at least I could feel confident and work on the other 5 in the 37 days I have left before the big race. 2.4K later my lungs were burning and my legs were water. I think I even experienced a series of mini-strokes. Hence the title of today's blog. What am I going to do? I obviously bit off more than I can chew here, guys. The best I can do is get my heart-rate up pretty high every day for the next 36 days and pray I don't humiliate myself by involuntarily evacuating my bowels as I haul my stupid, lazy carcass across the finish line. This bears repeating.

I'm in big trouble.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Best. Easter. Ever.

We hung out a lot, did the bike riding thing, I cooked like a fiend (can I suggest to everyone who thinks turkey is dry to brine it first?), painted eggs, put my hummingbird feeder up out of reach from Taz, who thinks it's a deluxe cat feeder that comes with it's own dipping sauce, and generally had a lovely, quiet time. We even had visitors. The good kind that stay for a few hours and drink and hang out but don't eat, put you out in any way or make you feel like you need to clean up before they arrive. Good times. The only thing is that we never made it to church. I did watch the 10 Commandments on tv, though. The whole 4 hours. That's gotta mean something. I witnessed Charlton ("from my cold dead hands") Heston and Anne Baxter chomp on cheesy faux Egyptian scenery for the good part of a day. If that's not a religious experience I don't know what is.

So now I'm going to read more of my campy book in the sunshine of my backyard while my husband trims the hedges and my kids swing on swings, dig in the sandbox and draw pictures with sidewalk chalk. Aaahhh, life is good.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday. Friday? Good.

Today's blog is going to be pretty lame. Short and lame. We're all in holiday mode here and are moving pretty slow. Case in point, I just got out of bed and it's 9:55am. I've been reading for a while but still. Moving slooooow. It's great to have kids who are old enough to wake up, sneak to the kitchen to have breakfast then amuse themselves in the playroom without waking you up. Ahhhhh.....

The phone rang at 8:15. The closest phone to our bedroom is down the cold hardwooded hall and I couldn't face it with my naked feet. So I didn't answer. When I checked my voicemail, I found out yet again it was my good friend Graham from Australia. The poor guy is going to think I'm avoiding him. Sorry, sweetie, it was just good old fashioned holiday laziness. Call again soon!

So today's plans will include baking Easter sugar cookies, decorating Easter eggs and general slobbing about. We may go on an "adventure" with the kids on our bikes seeing that it's going to be 20C and sunny. So I hope you all have a pleasant holiday and enjoy your time off. I'm not sure I'll write on Monday since it's a holiday here too. Now that I think about it I probably will. I can't stand to think about my 8 readers with nothing clever to read from me for 3 whole days LOL!

kxx (Just to let you all know, Graham did call back and we had a nice hour chat even before I was done writing this)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I never want to be out of "The Loop"

I've just finished watching a show called "The Loop" on tape. I saw half of it 2 weeks ago then watched a full episode last week. Last night I taped it. How funny is this show?

I love sitcoms. I love when sitcoms are funny without a laugh track. I love when they have an off-beat plot. I'm tired of doctor, lawyer, cop and crime scene shows. Yes, they may be good but some of these shows are encouraging me to try to commit the perfect crime. And I bet I could get away with it, too. Now all I need is a transient...

Huh? Oh, yeah. The Loop. It's about a recent college grad (Sam) who is the first in his group of friends to get a "real" job. He works as an executive for an airline. He's torn between being cool with his friends and keeping a job he obviously loves. It stars a bunch of kids I've never seen before who are awesome actors. It also stars Mimi Rogers (the first and lucky-to-get-out-when-she-did Mrs. Tom Cruise) and the guy who played Lt. Bookman on the Seinfeld episode where George never returned "Tropic of Cancer", Philip Baker Hall. These two are priceless. Mimi Rogers' character is constantly inappropriately flirting with Sam and has a strange sexual past she keeps dropping hints about and Hall's character is hilariously insulting, clueless, blunt and just plain bizarre.

Anyway, it's on Thursday nights at 8:30 on FOX and you should give it a chance. I taped it last night (Canadian feed... lucky us, we get it twice) while I was watching Lost. OMG, Lost! Wasn't it great when Michael turned up at the end? I was just about to tell Scott I was a bit bored with the episode. Not that seeing an older, grumpier version of ourselves in Bernard and Rose wasn't entertaining.

Anyway, watch The Loop before they cancel it. I know they'll cancel it because I love it. I loved Arrested Development and they cancelled that one way before it's time. It had the same kind of quirky vibe this show has. So give it a try. Quick.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Schmeaster

When I was a kid, Easter was all about the praying. It would have started way back on Lent when you were to give up something you loved like cartoons on Saturday mornings. Remember when cartoons were only on Saturday mornings? Then last Sunday we would have gone to church and gotten a palm leaf folded into a cross signifying Jesus' triumphant return to Jerusalem.

Then we would have been in church on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Whew. Mum would have made huge West Indian style meals like solfish and bakes, curried ham, red beans and rice, black eyed peas or (gag) souse. Oh, and if we were good, we'd get a Cherry Blossom at the end of it all. The Easter bunny didn't come to our place.
Is it any wonder I was at a loss as to what to do with my own kids? We actually skipped it the first few years due to utter lack of desire and interest. That included church. I'm so over church it's not funny. No prizes for guessing why.

Three years ago my first cat brought home a baby rabbit she'd kindly turned inside out for us as a gift on Easter morning. The kids were beside themselves. How's that for an omen? Two years ago Scott and I thought we were being clever and hid plastic Easter eggs full of M&Ms chocolate all over the house but Elliott was even cleverer and found them all while the house was still sleeping and wrecked Easter at the Kayes for the second year running.

Last year actually worked out great. We hid the baskets exceedingly well and took grainy photos of the area where they were lurking. The kids had a ball searching and helping each other, too. There was also very little candy and more outside toys like shovels and bubble stuff so they wouldn't go into diabetic comas by the end of the day. Result! Finally a successful Easter.
I feel sorry for my parents who missed out on seeing the joy on our faces once we'd found our hidden booty. I guess they were looking in our faces to see the reflected joy of knowing Jesus had risen but it's just not the same as a chocolatey smile and a sticky hug is it?


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I've been busy today and it feels good

Scott took his motorcycle in to work today so joy of joys, I had the car. And what is my knee-jerk reaction to having the car? You know it, say it with me... shopping! And go shopping I did.

I bought a new pair of snazzy shoes for running. They're Asics and feel all gorgeous and cushy inside. Since I haven't had a new pair in over 2 years, I was due, dammit. And I have that 10K race in 44 days and, frankly, I'm pissing myself. How am I supposed to do this? I haven't been out all year. So I need to motivate myself with the cute shoes. Did I mention they match my orange running jacket? Hey, if you're going to work up a sweat, you'd better look adorable.
Later Henry wanted to go to the park. He pulled one of those "please, Mummy, PLEASE!" jobs complete with the hands clasped under his chin and the blinking puppy-dog eyes. To top it off, it's 18 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day. How could I say no? So off we went, complete with a picnic lunch.

And now we're back and I had to beg Henry to get off the computer to say "hi" to you all. So, hi. I don't have a lot of time. Henry needs to play "Midtown Madness" and he's breathing down my neck.


Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm having one of those mornings

It's not bad, I'm just having a hard time getting started. I forgot to set my alarm and while I was only 15 minutes late, Scott was 45 minutes late and hogging the bathroom. Hence the pyjama pants at nearly 9:00 in the morning. Thank goodness its a short work week. For the next two weeks, actually. Score. I do feel a bit guilty that Jesus suffered and died on the cross and we get a four day weekend to sleep in, pig out on ham and chocolate and not shower...

**(loud pounding at my front door)**
Me: Yes? Who is it?
Booming Godlike Voice: It's your Catholic Shame here to visit for the Easter holiday. I'll be here until Monday night reminding you to be spiritual and holy and that church starts at 10am Sunday morning.
Me (trying every bad foreign accent I know): So solly! I just be de maid, mon! Eees nobody here.
BGV: I'll wait.

So anyway, today's one of those days where I'd love to be a coffee drinker. I've seen you guys hunched over your mugs getting a kind of super power from the bitter taste and funky smell. The only way I can stand the stuff is half milk and about 7 sugars. Like ice cream. And even then I can't quite get past the flavour. Give me a good cup of hot, strong tea anyway. Black, no sugar, with a pecan cinnamon roll on the side, if you're buying.


Friday, April 7, 2006

Aaaaargh! Writers block

So the way this blog thing works for me is that I sit here in my dining room for a few minutes and something pops into my head and I write about it. Sometimes I know what I'm going to talk about as soon as I wake up like the dream thing yesterday. Quite often something will come to me in the shower since its the only times of the day that I'm simultaneously warm, happy, alone and quiet.

But today I sat in front of the computer for an hour and nothing has come up. I've checked my emails, I voted for Sean to win the MuchMusic VJ Search, I've visited the 2 bulletin boards I frequent and still nothing.

Maybe I'll try a stream-of consciousness thing. Umm, the radios on the alternative station and they're playing the Foo Fighters "No Way Back". I like the Foos. Dave Grohl's super hot...

My feet and hands are freezing even though I'm wearing shoes and socks and its 22 degrees in here...

Huh. Now they're playing my profile song. Cool. "You have Killed Me" by Morrissey, lover of baby seals and hater of Canada. Love the man and his music but he's being an idiot. Remind me to change my profile song...

As much as I like to think I'm cool for a 38 year old woman, I can be totally clueless. Only a few months ago I realized I can text message with my cell phone. I got one with no bells and whistles so I just assumed it didn't have the technology. D'uh. Aaahhh, the joy of text.

Woo. I love this station. Now Depeche Mode "Suffer Well". They're a good profile choice...
We were out of my favourite cereal this morning so I had to have toast. Hmph. I'm a creature of habit and that didn't sit well with me at all. My whole day will be off. Watch...

Well, I should go. I've got a pile of laundry and a layer of dust to tackle today. Not to mention that the kids are out of cookies. I should actually start the buying damn things again, shouldn't I? It'll give me more time to, I dunno, blog maybe?

Have a good weekend, guys!


Thursday, April 6, 2006

I'm going to be a motorcycle mama

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be taking motorcycle lessons this year? Yup, I'm going to add a motorcycle licence to the list of things I want to achieve in this life. Other things Id like to do: get a 4th tattoo, live in another country, be 130 pounds and win the grand prize in a lottery. At least this one I can take care of this year.

I was just brushing up on the primary and secondary controls. I'm going to be in trouble here especially when it comes to the brake, throttle and clutch. How horrifying. I'm coming from a bicycle/automatic car life so the idea of shifting gears, clutching anything but a purse, and throttling anything but the kids (just kidding) fills me with fear. And did you know the brakes are on the right handlebar and right foot? How is someone like me supposed to get her little bald head around that?

Anyway, to lessen the horror show that will be the practical lesson, I've opted for an all female class. At least we can giggle and be girly-girls without being judged by brutish, lunkheaded guys. I just hope that I don't make too big a fool of myself.

The upside of all this? Besides the license of course? The shopping. I'm thrilled to be encouraged to buy a pair of leather pants, boots and gloves. Actually, I think I may go for leather chaps instead of the pants. Dead sexy. Nothing in this world beats both having a new hobby and shopping for it to boot. Of course eventually I'll have to get a cute little bike to go with my new outfit. How fun.


Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Dreams are so weird

Yesterday I did a few things, none of them out of the ordinary. I watched Star Trek, I cooked dinner (chicken "popsicles" with peanut butter sauce and sticky rice), I hung out with the family and did a little shopping for storage containers at Zellers. It snowed a bit after being warm for a while and that was all people were talking about.

So this is what I dreamt last night: Captain Picard and Guinan were stranded in a log cabin. They were on shore leave from the Enterprise and got snowed in. Guinan offered to cook and guess what the only thing to eat was in the cabin. You got it, peanut butter, chicken and rice. After dinner they decided to dig themselves out of the cabin using some brand new storage containers they conveniently found then got safely back to the ship. Hey, I never said my dreams were interesting. As usual.

In fact, I have to admit I rarely have dreams like that. I wasn't a part of it at all, just an observer. My dreams usually feature me as the star. Just like life. But my dreams are so bloody boring. They're often based on reality so it leaves me feeling all disoriented when I wake up. Like the dreams I have where I'm looking for something and I'm late. I'm wearing clothes I own, live in the house I live in now and asking people that live here where the thing is. There's nothing to twig on that I'm dreaming. I never dream that I'm flying, I never dream that I'm a secret agent, I never do anything cool in my dreams. Ever. Just normal everyday stuff. I argue with people I'd normally argue with, I see friends and relatives, I cook, clean...that's why last nights dream was worth writing down.

I sometimes have a dream that I'm being followed by an unseen person. It's usually dark and I end up running up and down a stairwell trying to get away. When I have the dream, I'm usually aware that this is not a normal situation for me and by the time I get to the spooky stairwell, I wake myself up because I realize in the dream that I'm dreaming. Yawn.

I'm always surprised by my dull dreams. I mean, I'm a relatively creative, imaginative person, I lead an interesting (okay not fascinating but interesting at least) life, I'm funny, I'm nice, and I watch tons of tv that should get the cool dream juices flowing. So why, just once, can I not be a superhero or even drive a fun car? Well, I don't have any answers. Maybe I should sleep on it. See what I did there? Hee.

kx (Watch. Tonight I'll dream of blogging.)

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm in a rush today

Since I have very limited time on my own, I have to make the most of it. Last night the finale of one of my favourite shows Project Runway aired here in Canada. I had to tape it because it was at the unholy hour of 10pm. I call it unholy because how do they expect a busy mother of 3 to stay awake and watch? Especially a 2 hour season finale? On a weekday, no less. Nevermind that I fall asleep on a weekly basis by 10:15pm trying my best to be cool and stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. In recent memory I've only watched the whole show once and it was the episode where Ashlee Simpson did her little hoedown dance. Is it any wonder I can't muster up the desire to stay awake?

Anyway, I'm all a-tingle about watching Project Runway. It's right here on tape ready for me to watch. And I want to do it before Henry gets home from school. Who will win? Will it be the cute and talented Danny? The tiny Asian girl with the gorgeous dress sense Chloe? Or the irritating, evil genius Santino? I cant wait!


Monday, April 3, 2006

Another happy Monday

Everyones off at school and I'm here on my tod again. I love Monday mornings.

It's cool and cloudy and I'm in a Cure kinda mood. I've got the "Singles" CD on. That band reminds me of such good times. I'll tell you about them eventually...

The time change was brutal this time around since I went to a party Saturday night and had to work Sunday morning. I was the DD so I only had 2 drinks but still, going to bed at 3am and having to wake up at 7am to work with kids is brutal. We only had 3 signed up anyway so it wasn't totally horrible. And my trusty helper Homa was there as always to keep me amused.

I was thinking about things like time changes and season changes and the weather changes and realizing how cool it is to live in this part of the world. There can be a difference of 20 degrees in 48 hours, the leaves in the fall are completely gorgeous, the summers are sweltering, the winters are freezing, the snow piles up and the thunderstorms are scary. In the summer you put the kids to bed at 9pm in the blazing sunshine and in the winter you come home from work in pitch blackness at 5pm. It's weird but its interesting. As much as I complain about the weather, it must be boring to live in a place where its nice all the time. What else can you talk about with total strangers in line at the bank?

Enjoy your day.